Madonna gets backlash for coming out

New Delhi: Queen of pop Madonna has made a bizarre confession of circumcision in her Instagram Story.

The ‘Like a Virgin’ singer wrote on a plain background: “I have a confession to make.” She followed it up with a photo of her holding a wine glass with her colorfully painted nails.

Another photo shows her taking a sip from the glass, while the third sees her bending over to her phone’s camera. The next shot shows her in the same position, taking off her translucent blue skirt and wrapping it around her head.

She stated about the footage: “I was not circumcised.”

Following Madonna’s bizarre messages, many have doubts about the singer’s intention to make the confession, reports.

“Ever noticed that people like Madonna are no longer in the spotlight due to their age or whatever reason. NEED IT? Suddenly they change their sexual orientation, say something GORGEOUS like bombing the White House or just SOMETHING to get BACK to people who pay ANY attention to them?” one person responded on Twitter.

Others accused Madonna of trying to stay “relevant” with a tweet.

One of them criticized her, “More gender confusion from Liberal Hollywood Loonies,” as another added, “Holy crap, she looks bizarre.”

A stunned user asked, “What does that even mean,” while one fan said, “I’m worried. Madonna is even acting strange to Madonna.”

Someone else called her a “depraved person.”

Earlier, Madonna made an overwhelming confession about her sexuality. In an October 9 post, she appeared to be coming out as gay via a TikTok video.

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