Massive fire breaks out at Centaurus Mall in Islamabad in Pakistan | Videos

A massive fire broke out on the third floor of the Centaurus shopping center in Islamabad on Sunday and is reported to have spread to other floors, including the residential apartments on the top part of the building. The Express Tribune.

There are no reports of casualties yet. Fire trucks also rushed to the scene of the incident to contain the flames, the report said.

Pakistani media also reported that a delay in the arrival of rescue teams has increased the intensity of the fire as it quickly spreads from the third to first floors of the building, as well as the upper areas where residential apartments are located.

The Express Tribune reported that the fire broke out at the Monal restaurant, adding that the entire food court has now gone up in flames.

Officials evacuate the mall to avoid injuries or casualties as fire trucks attempt to put out the blaze.

Video images broadcast on Pakistani news channels show smoke coming from the tower.

Many on social media posted video clips of people running in panic down the mall’s escalators as they panicked trying to exit the building.

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