Meta launches new headset device ‘Meta Quest Pro’ for a whopping price; Check specifications and other details

New Delhi: Meta launched its latest VR headset called ‘Meta Quest Pro’ on October 11 at the meta connect event 2022. Mark Zuckerberg finally unveiled the company’s latest headset, the ‘Meta Quest Pro’, priced at $1,499. It will cost Indian consumers about Rs 1.23 lakhs. Quest VR Pro is the new product in the Quest VR headset range that helps customers dive deeper into the virtual world and collaborate virtually with others. Mark Zuckerberg called it “a highly productive” product with multiple uses.

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Meta Quest Pro is a multi-purpose VR and MR device designed to help you do your best work and make meaningful connections with the people you care about most, while also giving you a glimpse of what future AR will do. devices might be able to.

Speaking at the event, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadela said that Microsoft is working closely with Meta and that Microsoft is committed to providing its users with an immersive work experience in Meta Teams.

Meta goes on sale October 25, which includes the headset, Meta Quest Touch Pro controllers, stylus tips, partial light blockers, and a charging dock. Customers can pre-order Meta Quest Pro from today in any country in the Meta Store.

The device is powered by the new Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2+ platform, 12 GB of RAM, 256 GB of storage and 10 high-resolution sensors to ease the immersive experiences.

Meta Quest Pro Specifications

Meta Quest Pro also has 37% more pixels per inch and 10% more pixels per degree than Meta Quest 2, making everything from reading text to playing games look better.

Meta Quest Pro allows you to view your physical environment in full color. This helps developers create more robust mixed reality experiences using our Presence Platform suite of tools. Meta Quest Pro features Stereoscopic Mixed Reality Passthrough, which combines multiple sensor views to create a natural view of the world in 3D.

A new design

The new device comes with pancake lenses and the battery with curved cells. It is the thinnest and most balanced VR device. Meta Quest Pro is designed with an open periphery so you can use your peripheral vision to stay present in your environment while multitasking between the real and virtual worlds.

Self-tracking controllers

They have built-in sensors in each controller that track their position in 3D space independent of the headset, giving you a full 360-degree range of motion. This ensures stable tracking in all your VR apps. The controllers have been redesigned to be more ergonomic and balanced, making them feel like natural extensions of your hands.

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