Modified Maruti Suzuki Brezza Aims for a Range Rover: Is It a Victory or a Failure for SUV?

The Maruti Suzuki Brezza just got an update, which certainly makes it look fresher and more attractive than the model it replaces. In addition, the upright design theme of the SUV also gives it an uncanny resemblance to a British SUV. Yes, we are talking about Range Rover. Some owners have even tried to make their 2022 Maruti Suzuki Brezza look a lot like the Range Rover Sport. Now we came across another modified example of the 2022 Maruti Suzuki Brezza that aims to become a Range Rover Evoque. The owner has modified the SUV to make it look a lot like Evoque, and it also gets the Evoque badge on the trunk lid.

The video of the modified example was uploaded to YouTube by Car Blogger. The video shows the Brezza getting a new piano black grille, which resembles that of the Range Rover Evoque. It also gets the Range Rover logo. In addition, the hood of this modified Maruti Suzuki Brezza gets the Range Rover mascot on the front. To ensure the mod job was done with a keen eye for attention to detail, the upholstery has been painted with the body color theme, along with a black line running the length of the car.

In addition, the SUV’s headlights receive a smoke treatment. The owner has added fake vents to the fenders and hood to give the Range Rover an appeal to the car. A set of aftermarket rims are used on this Brezza, while the rear gets Range Rover badges along with the Evoque name on the tailgate. This modified Maruti Suzuki Brezza also has a two-pipe exhaust.

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Mechanically it remains unchanged. The Maruti Suzuki Brezza comes from the factory with a 1.5L naturally aspirated 4-cylinder petrol engine that produces 103 hp against a maximum torque of 138 Nm. It can be mated to a five-speed manual or six-speed automatic.

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