Mumbai local train fight: 3 women engage in brutal battle, pull hair, punch each other in viral video WATCH

Mumbai: In a shocking video that is going viral, is of the Mumbai local train where 3 women were brutally fighting and beating each other. The footage, shared on Twitter by Roads of Mumbai, kicks off midway through the local train altercation when a girl can be seen on the hair of an elderly woman – who may or may not have tried to intervene in her fight with another commuter over her age.

The cause of the fight is unknown and it remains unclear whether any of the three women involved knew each other or were related. The clip has received mixed reactions ranging from amusement to empathy. Earlier this month, a number of similar incidents took place on local trains in Mumbai.

Since the video was shared, it has racked up over 2,000 likes and about 2 lakh views.

Netizen’s comments

Comes from extreme pent-up despair and being constantly on the edge. A regular phenomenon during rush hour in local transport, especially on the train. The others don’t watch apathetically, but they also remember the time they were in it. We’re all on the brink, only the degree varies,” wrote one user.

“Just think how overcrowded it is, how frustrating it is to travel like this every day…” commented another user

One user dived into the fight and said in a sarcastic way “Make this a series. Great content. ?? we can decide what was the best fight and who was the winner in the end??,” wrote another user . “Added soon as an official sport in the Commonwealth Games,” commented another.

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