On Emergency Visa Appointment, US Embassy Clarification Amid Huge Backlog

Appointments in every visa classification will be issued, the US embassy said. The delays or cancellations that occurred in 2021 will not affect the visa at this time, a representative of the US embassy told the Hindustan Times business website. live mint. Scheduled visa appointments can be rescheduled if applicants find previous appointments, but will not be canceled by the embassy, ​​the representative further said.

The representative explained the process and said anyone wishing to apply for an urgent appointment for a non-immigrant visa must make a walk-in appointment. After this, the candidate can submit an urgent appointment request. However, a number of criteria do apply to qualify for emergency appointments.

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“We cannot expedite agreements about conducting an interview in a visa classification. Visa applicants with an existing interview waiver appointment and you want to request an emergency appointment, you must first cancel your existing interview waiver appointment, then make an initial (walk-in) appointment and then request the emergency appointment,” the representative said.

There have been a large number of visa applications with the US Embassy in India faced with a significant backlog. Citing reduced staffing levels and pandemic-related disruptions in operations since March 2020, the embassy said demand for visas across all categories is high. Wait times are thus longer for most non-immigrant visa appointments at the embassy in New Delhi and consulates in Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Mumbai.

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