Over 50 Dead, 150 Wounded As Refugee Camp Hit In Gaza. Ministry Calls It ‘Heinous Israeli Massa

As Israel continued its military campaign against Hamas in Gaza, massive explosions tore through a densely populated Palestinian refugee camp on Tuesday, leaving two large craters in the area and a scene of destruction, news agency AFP reported. Rescue teams, amid wails and cries, scrambled to navigate through the debris, concrete blocks, and twisted metal in search of survivors and bodies. Disturbing footage from AFP showed the recovery of at least 47 lifeless bodies.

Gaza’s Hamas-run health ministry reported an initial toll of over 50 dead, 150 wounded, and dozens buried under the rubble. The ministry condemned what it described as a “heinous Israeli massacre” at the Jabalia camp, which is situated in the northern part of Gaza, an area close to ongoing ground battles, AFP reported.

Israel’s army confirmed the refugee camp bombing to kill Hamas commander, the agency stated

According to news agency Reuters, Israel stated that its forces engaged in a fierce fight with Hamas militants within the vast tunnel network beneath Gaza. 

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This tragic incident came amid international concerns about the escalating violence and the growing humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Israeli troops and Hamas militants were reported to have engaged in intense battles in the north, with Israel confirming the loss of two soldiers within Gaza.

Warplanes continued to unleash a relentless barrage of airstrikes on Gaza. Prior to the Jabalia blasts, the Hamas-run health ministry reported 8,525 casualties, including over 3,500 children, as per AFP.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejected calls for a ceasefire, pledging to continue the military campaign against Hamas. 

The humanitarian situation in Gaza has raised alarm on a global scale, with aid organisations and the United Nations stressing the urgent need for food, water, fuel, and medical supplies for the 2.4 million people in the besieged territory. Reports reveal dire conditions, such as surgeons performing amputations without anesthesia, and children forced to consume salty water.

The situation remains complex, with Israel accusing Hamas of using hospitals for military purposes and civilians as “human shields,” while Hamas dismisses these allegations as baseless propaganda. 

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