Pakistan: Imran Khan accuses Sharif government of rising terrorism in Swat valley, asks ‘Why are terrorists allowed to come?’

PakistanFormer Prime Minister of Pakistan and Imran Khan, Pakistan’s leader Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), on Thursday blamed Shehbaz Sharif’s coalition government for mounting terrorism in the scenic mountainous valley of Swat. In his three speeches in Takht Bhai, Charsadda and Rawalpindi, Khan said people in Swat had taken to the streets against the increasing violence in the valley, especially after a school bus was attacked earlier this year, killing the driver and injuring two children. week, The Express Tribune reported. He said the borders were under the control of the central government and that it was the Center’s responsibility to prevent terrorists from entering the country.

The PTI founder said his government – which is in power in the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa – has curbed terrorism in the province, but the borders are under federal control, The Express Tribune reported.

“Why is terrorism taking place in Swat and tribal areas?” he asked, “Why are terrorists allowed to come?” He admitted that the people of Swat and tribal areas had made many sacrifices in the past and claimed that terrorism has increased since the change of government. The former prime minister also spoke on issues ranging from NRO to bypolls, from regrouping terrorists to equating politics with Jihad; and from accusing the Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) of supporting his political opponents to expressing his willingness to go to prison to win ‘real freedom’.

The PTI chairman stressed that the upcoming midterm polls were not just elections, but Jihad and urged people to come out on election day to vote in the constituencies that became vacant following the decision of the PTI. PTI to massively resign from the National Assembly in the face of an imminent defeat after the vote of no confidence in April this year, The Express Tribune reported. the nation and fight the NRO givers. “Whoever gives NRO to these thieves is a traitor,” the PTI chairman said during his speech in Takht Bhai.

“We will fight against them and I will prepare my nation.” While accusing his opponents and former rulers of looting the country over the last three decades, he said he would also have fled to London as former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had he been corrupt, The Express Tribune reported. Imran said the PML-N supremo left the country when he was going through a rough time. Meanwhile, the PTI chief again accused the CEC of backing the incumbent rulers and said he was in cahoots with the “thieves”.

He claimed that about 10,000 to 15,000 false votes would be cast in the midterm elections, The Express Tribune reported. the kids,” urged people to come out to cast their votes. He claimed the “other side” had made a plan to manipulate the polls and stressed that the PTI would still beat them One cent from the federal cabinet was out on bail in corruption cases, The Express Tribune reported.

Imran wondered if it was only the federal government’s job to make “fake cases” against him, saying first PTI leader Shehbaz Gill was tortured in custody and now PTI Senator Azam Swati “stripped and beaten” became. He reiterated that he would call for a long march and a “sea of ​​people” would reach the federal capital, The Express Tribune reported. In Rawalpindi, Imran said the prison was a “little thing” because he could risk his life to get real freedom. “You all need to prepare. This isn’t politics, it’s Jihad.”

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