Pakistan SHOCKED! More than 200 bodies found on roof of Punjab hospital

Adviser to the chief minister of Pakistan’s Punjab, Tariq Zaman Gujjar, said a whistleblower had tipped him off about the rotting bodies on the roof of the mortuary of Nishtar Hospital in Multan, media reported. “I was visiting Nishtar hospital when a man approached me and said if you want to do a good deed, go to the morgue and check it out,” Gujjar said, Geo News reported. He said that when he got there the staff were not ready to open the doors of the morgue. “To this I said if you don’t open it now I will file an FIR against you,” Gujjar added.

He said when the morgue finally opened and they went in and there were at least 200 bodies lying around. “All the decomposing bodies (of both men and women) were bare. Even the bodies of women were not covered.” Gujjar said he asked them (doctors) to explain what was going on, they said these were used by the medical students for educational purposes.

‘Do you sell these corpses? I’ve asked the morgue authorities.’ Gujjar said he had asked doctors to explain the incident and in response they said it was not what it seemed as these were being used by the medical students for educational purposes, Geo News reported.

“Two of the bodies on the roof were still in the early stages of decomposition. Maggots were everywhere,” Gujjar said. He said he had never seen anything like it in his 50-year life.

“Vultures and worms were scavenging on the corpses on the roof. Our count showed that there were at least 35 bodies on the roof of the morgue.” “The bodies should have been given a proper burial after Namaz-e-Janaza after being used for medical training purposes, but they were thrown on the roof,” Gujjar said, Geo News reported.

“Dozens” of abandoned and desecrated bodies were found on the roof of the mortuary of Nishtar Hospital in Multan on Friday, Express Tribune reported. The bodies left on the roof were brought to light by the adviser to the Pak Punjab Chief Minister Chaudhry Zaman Gujjar, after which panic spread through the hospital.

Nishtar Medical University spokesman Sajjad Masood made a statement about the heartbreaking incident, claiming strict action will be taken against those responsible for the rotting of the bodies “under the open sky”.

Sajjad said several commissions of inquiry were formed to investigate the matter and denied there were “dozens” of bodies on the roof. He claimed there were only four bodies on the roof that were naturally dried and used to educate medical students, the Express Tribune reported.

He added that bodies aged four to five were also used for educational purposes.

However, the video circulating on social media showed several bodies being dumped on the roof under poor conditions, resulting in rumors that the bodies were being kept on the roof to be used as fodder for eagles and vultures, Express Tribune reported.

After receiving the information about the incident, the Extra Chief Secretary south of Punjab Saqib Zafar formed an inquiry committee and took strict note of the desecration and abandonment of the bodies.

The Secretary of Specialized Care has announced that a six-member Commission of Inquiry has been set up to thoroughly investigate the incident.

The commission will be headed by Muzamil Bashir, additional secretary of the specialized health care system and has been instructed to submit its report within three days.

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