Population imbalances lead to changes in geographic boundaries, says RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat

nagpur: dr. Mohan Bhagwat, head of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), said population imbalances lead to changes in geographical boundaries. here on Wednesdays on the vast Reshimbagh grounds. The RSS chief advocated a holistic population policy so that it should apply equally to everyone.

The RSS chief said: “Religion-based population imbalances are an important issue that should not be ignored. Population imbalances lead to changes in geographic boundaries. In addition to differences in birth rates, conversions through violence, lure or greed and infiltration are big reasons too.”

Watch RSS chief addressing Swayamsevaks

“Population needs resources. If it grows without building resources, it becomes a burden. There is another view in which population is seen as an asset. We need to work on a population policy that keeps both aspects in mind,” said Mohan Bhagwat , adding “people must raise their voices against evil, but by acting within the framework of the law. Raising one’s voice against the wrong should become normal… We must all remain united as one.”

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He went on to say that “Temple, water and cremation grounds should be common to everyone. We should not fight over little things. Conversations as if one person can ride a horse and the other person cannot, should have no place in society and we” go there. have to work towards.”

Mohan Bhagwat expressed concern about the fear being created in the minds of minorities of the majority population, saying: “Some fear that there is danger to minorities because of us. This is neither the nature of Sangh nor Hindus. Sangh decides to side with brotherhood, friendship and peace.”

He said the dialogue with members of minority communities will continue and has been going on for years. The violent incidents have even been condemned by the country’s prominent Muslim leaders. “We are in favor of living in peace and harmony,” Bhagwat said.

Speaking about the Hindu Rashtra debate, he said: “The concept of Hindu Rashtra is discussed everywhere. Many agree with the concept, but oppose the word ‘Hindu’ and prefer to use other words. We have no problem with that. For the clarity of concept – we will continue to emphasize the word Hindu for ourselves.”

Mohan Bhagwat strongly advocates women’s empowerment

RSS chief Dr. Mohan Bhagwat has strongly advocated for women’s empowerment in the country, saying that men and women are equal in every aspect and in every way, and have the same potential and capacities. He pointed out that women, who are considered “Jagat Janani (Mother of the Universe)” but are treated as “slaves” at home, adding that women’s empowerment must start at home and they must be given their rightful place in the society.

The RSS chief spoke about women’s empowerment in front of his main guest, Padma Shri Santosh Yadav, an acclaimed mountaineer, who was invited to the Vijayadashami feature, the first female lead guest for such a program in the 97-year history of the RSS. RSS.

According to him, it was not the first time that a woman was invited to the RSS post, veteran Congress leader and former Union Minister Amrita Kaur and Nagpur’s first Lok Sabha member Anusuabai Kale and others were also invited to the RSS programs.

Bhagwat also underlined the importance of the role of women in realizing the vision of India becoming a ‘Vishwa Guru’ (world leader) again, adding: “If we want to build a Vishwa Guru Bharat, equal participation of women is also important.” requires.”

The RSS chief said India was recovering quickly from the economic crisis caused by Covid and India’s role during the political crisis in Sri Lanka and also during the war in Ukraine was commendable, claiming: “Our political weight is in the world has risen as a result of these two situations.”

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