Priyanka banned from Junior Chess Championship

Indian grandmaster Priyanka Nutakki was banned from the Junior World Chess Championship in Italy on Tuesday for accidentally carrying wireless earbuds in her jacket pocket into the arcade.

“Towards the end of the sixth round of the World Junior Girls Championship in Sardinia, an unfortunate incident occurred. During a routine check, one of the players, Nutakki, was found to have a pair of earplugs in her jacket pocket. While there is no evidence of foul play on its part, earplugs are strictly prohibited in the arcade,” the official FIDE report reads.

“Wearing these devices during a match is a violation of fair play policy and will be punishable by forfeiture of the game and expulsion from the tournament. The point that Nutakki scored in the sixth round has been awarded to her rival, Govhar Beydullayeva. The Indian delegation appealed, but the Appeals Committee reconfirmed the decision.”

20-year-old Priyanka started the event as eighth seed and had scored four points in the first five rounds with three wins and two draws. She also won the sixth round to reach a score of 5 out of 6 before nullifying the result.

“I went for a walk in the morning and took my earplugs and left them in the jacket. I unknowingly took the same jacket to the tournament hall, completely forgetting that I had put earplugs in it. I didn’t realize until the random check happened “I want to mention a few things here. I followed the security protocols completely, including the security check, by wearing the same jacket, but somehow no alarm went off and no metal was detected,” Priyanka told chessbase. in.

“Since I played on board 2, my board was completely under video surveillance the whole time(and) the game’s transmission was delayed by 15 minutes. I didn’t realize the whole time that the jacket I was wearing had earplugs. I only realized this during the random security check after the game. This was an unfortunate and unintentional mistake on my part, but I abide by the fact that wearing electronic devices such as earplugs and watches is not allowed in the hallway. I am pleased and obliged that FIDE stated in the report that ‘no indication of malicious intent has been found’.

“According to the rules I am not allowed to participate in this tournament and I respect this decision. However, I would like to sincerely apologize to my family, coach, federation, friends and supporters for this honest mistake on my part. There’s no denying that I’m upset, but I don’t want this one incident to define me. I assure you that I will work hard and come back stronger.”

With an ELO score of 2326, Priyanka was the highest rated Indian in the championship in the girls division.

The championship started on October 11 on the Italian island of Sardinia and ends on October 23.

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