‘Putin faces further isolation from world community’: US after Prime Minister Modi’s call with Ukraine’s Zelenskyy

Washington: Russian President Vladimir Putin faces isolation from the international community, the White House said when it learned of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s appeal to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

“We’re asking countries around the world, and we’ve been very clear about that, to speak out publicly and also keep up with this diplomatically. And so I think that’s what you’re seeing from the start Minister ( of India),’ White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters during her daily press conference on Tuesday.

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In response to a question, the press secretary said she has nothing to read about a recent conversation between US President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Modi.

“But his public comments directly to Putin are very clear. This is not the time for war. And it is not the time, he was even more specific in that, he said his war, Putin’s war, he alluded to,” she said. .

“Look, Putin faces further isolation from international communities as countries make it clear that Putin’s decisions have a lot of sympathy,” Jean-Pierre said.

“When it comes to the potential nuclear threat, we’ve been very, very clear about that. We take nuclear weapons or nuclear saber-rattling very seriously here,” she said.

“I would say that we have not seen any reason to change our own strategic nuclear stance, nor do we have any indication that Russia is preparing to use nuclear weapons in the near term,” she said. The Ukrainians, she said, are fighting for their sovereignty.

“This is something we believe, not just the US, our allies and partners around the world,” she said.

The US will continue to make sure they are there for the Ukrainians, the press secretary said.

“When you talk about a country’s democracy, when you talk about a country’s freedom, it’s important that we be there and stand with the Ukrainian people. And you will continue to see that,” she said. .

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