Ramayan’s Sita aka Dipika Chikhlia on Adipurush controversy: If the character is from Lanka, it shouldn’t look like Mughals’

New Delhi: Adipurush, filmmaker Om Raut’s huge mythological epic, is making headlines, but for all the wrong reasons. At the release of the teaser, internet users slammed the creators for using bad VFX technology and also pointed out comparisons to the West. Some of the people also raised eyebrows at the presentation of Hanuman and Ravana in the film.

Reply to the Adipurush controversy, Sita aka Dipika Chikhlia from Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayana In an interview, Aaj Tak said: “The characters of a movie have to appeal to the audience. If the character is from Sri Lanka they shouldn’t look like the Mughals. I couldn’t understand much because we only see him for 30 seconds in the teaser, but he looks different I agree times have changed and VFX is an essential part but only as long as people’s feelings aren’t hurt It’s just a teaser maybe it doesn’t do the movie justice. ”

She added: “If I try to connect myself with Arvind Trivedi (Ravan in Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayan), I wouldn’t feel right. But I also believe that every actor has the freedom to portray a character as their interpretation.”

Filmmaker Om Raut also responded to the Adipurush teaser row. “I was discouraged, but not surprised because the film was made for a larger medium. You can shrink it to a degree, but you can’t bring it back to a cell phone, that’s an environment that I have no control over. If you have a choice, I’d never put it on YouTube before, but that’s the need of the hour. We need to put it there so that it reaches a wide audience,” Raut told reporters on Tuesday at the media preview of the 3D trailer of the film according to PTI.

Adipurush is a retelling of the Ramayana. The character of Prabhas is called Raghav which is another name for Lord Ram. Saif plays Ravana while Janaki (Sita) is played by Kriti Sanon.

The film is reportedly made on a budget of over Rs 400 crore.

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