RPSG Appoints Gautam Gambhir as Global Mentor to All T20 Super Giants Teams

Lucknow Super Giants mentor Gautam Gambhir has been appointed by the RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group as a global mentor for his cricketing activities. The former Indian cricketer will now coach the RPSG Group’s T20 team in South Africa – Durban’s Super Giants.

β€œAs a global mentor to Super Giants, I look forward to some additional responsibility. My intensity and passion to win has just taken off internationally. It will be a proud moment to see the Super Giants family leave a worldwide impression.

β€œI thank the Super Giants family for showing that confidence in me. Guess it’s time for some more sleepless nights,’ Gambhir said. In the Indian Premier League, LSG qualified for the play-offs in the debut season, under the guidance of Gambhir.

Two-time World Cup winner Gautam Gambhir has sharply criticized the prevailing culture of ‘hero worship’ in the Indian cricket club. The ex-star opener of India believes the way the fans are passionate about Virat Kohli and MS Dhoni should be the same for the rest of the players. Gambhir also urged ‘not to create monsters in the dressing room of the Indian cricket team’, first there was MS Dhoni and now there is Virat Kohli. Gambhir said there should only be one monster, Indian cricket, not an individual player.

“When Kohli got a 100 and there was a young guy from a small town Meerut [Bhuvneshwar Kumar], who also managed to get five wickets, no one bothered to talk about him. This was such a shame. I was the only one, during that comment period, to say that. He bowled four overs and got five wickets and I don’t think anyone knows. But Kohli scores 100 and there are celebrations all over this country. India must get out of this hero worship. Whether it’s Indian cricket, whether it’s political, whether it’s Delhi cricket. We must stop worshiping heroes. All we have to worship is Indian cricket, or for that matter Delhi or India,” he told The Indian Express.

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