‘Self-defense actions with missiles against US threats’: North Korea assures neighboring countries

Seoul: North Korea insisted on Saturday that its latest missile tests were “regular and self-defense actions” against US military threats, in defiance of a UN aviation agency’s condemnation of the recent firing of ballistic missiles. In a statement, North Korea’s National Aviation Administration (NAA) said: “The DPRK’s launch of a missile test is a regular and planned self-defense step to defend the country’s security and regional peace against the direct military threats of the DPRK. US that has lasted for years. More than half a century.”

The DPRK is short for the official name of the north, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Yonhap News Agency reports.

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), a specialized UN agency dealing with matters related to international air navigation, formally described the continued launch of ballistic missiles by the North over or near international air routes without notice as a serious threat to civil aviation security .

However, the North claimed that its missile tests did not pose any threat to or damage the security of civil aviation or neighboring countries. It made it clear that its missile activities are aimed at countering US military threats and criticized the ICAO decision.

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“We categorically condemn and reject this as a political provocation by the US and its vassals aimed at violating the sovereignty of the DPRK,” the NAA said.

North Korea has ramped up tensions in the peninsula with a series of weapons tests, including firing a medium-range ballistic missile at Japan on Tuesday. Pyongyang’s missile tests are widely regarded as his protest against joint military exercises by South Korea and the US, as the Kim Jong-un regime viewed them as a rehearsal for an invasion.

The Allies organized large-scale annual combined military exercises from late August to early September. They also organized joint naval exercises earlier this week with a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, the USS Ronald Reagan, in a show of force against the provocations of the North.

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