SHOCKING! Uber is charging British man Rs 32 lakh for a 15 minute journey, here’s HOW?

Uber as an app can have glitches, and sometimes these glitches can become a huge problem for its users. A similar incident occurred in the UK when a man who booked a taxi using the app was surprised to find that Uber had charged him $39,317 (approximately Rs 32 lakh). A man named Oliver Kaplan ordered the taxi through Uber after he finished his shift at Buxton Inn in Manchester, England. He told South West News Service that he had ordered a taxi to a place about four miles away and had been given a price of $11 and $12 at the time, which he accepted as his fare.

He later followed the normal procedure and got into the taxi as soon as the driver arrived, and the taxi took him to his destination. He also told that it took barely 15 minutes to reach the destination. The next day, Kaplan received a bill for $39,317, according to South West News Service reports.

Baffled by the amount, Kaplan contacted Uber customer service through the app to find out why he was being charged the huge amount. “It said the amount could not be withdrawn because I did not have enough money,” claimed Kaplan, who also confused Uber customer service representatives.

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Engineers at the company eventually came to the conclusion that Australia had somehow become the drop-off site. It’s not known what went wrong, but it’s conceivable that an error led to the location changing from Witchwood, the bar in Manchester, to Witchwood, an Australian park in Victoria. So asking an incredible amount of money. Based on the reports, the problem was immediately fixed by Uber and Kaplan got his money back.

Kaplan is not the first user of the ride-sharing service Uber to wake up with a hangover and a hefty bill. A drunk British student made a mistake ordering an Uber in March 2020. The drunk student entered a location 250 miles away before falling asleep for the entire five-hour journey. He woke up scared when a $1,700 bill was waiting for him in the wrong location.

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