Shruti Haasan Admits Rhinoplasty, Says ‘If I Could Make It More Beautiful, Why Not’

Mumbai: Actress Shruti Haasan, who is working on her movie ‘Salaar’, recently admitted to having a nose job performed. The actress said she had a broken nose and that it is her right to fix her nose. She said she chose to have the surgery after she shot her first movie with the old nose.

Speaking to ‘Hauterfly’ magazine, the actress said: “I had my nose repaired and it was very clear that I had had my nose repaired. My nose was broken and very different from before and I made my first film with my old nose.

She also revealed how people taunted her, saying she used a deviated septum as an excuse to fix her nose.

She went on to say: “And people are like they just use the deviated septum excuse. No, I had a deviated septum, it hurt. But if I could make it more beautiful, it’s my face, why wouldn’t I was it.”

In addition, she also spoke about getting fillers and said it’s her body and those who want to do something about it or don’t want to do something about it, it’s their choice just like it was hers.

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