Sonakshi Sinh Shares Her Chaiyya Chaiyya Vibes From ‘Blockbuster’ Shoot

New Delhi: Sonakshi Sinha and Zaheer Iqbal starrer music video “Blockbuster” has been a raging chart-topping hit. Recently, the “Akira” actor opened up about the experience of shooting a moving truck.

The song exudes an extravagant feel with an international vibe where you can see luxury cars, excellent outfits, soft dance moves and more. In ‘Blockbuster’ there was a scene where the actors had to sit on a moving truck and instead of doing the same with effects, Sonakshi and Zaheer were actually shooting a moving truck. In the scene in the song, the duo is dancing on a truck.

Sonakshi talked about the experience of dancing on the truck, saying, “I really enjoyed working on the song and my most exciting scene was when we had to shoot on the truck. There were challenges because it’s hard to get a ​recording on a vehicle but I’m glad we did it and I’m very thankful the audience loves the song! We made it with a lot of love and hard work Dancing in the truck gave me full Chaiyya Chaiyya- vibes!”

Zaheer said: “It’s definitely a challenge to shoot in a truck, but we already planned to do it in front of our audience and give them something new and memorable. I’m really happy that we were able to record the song according to our plan and luckily, we did it in just a few takes! Blockbuster was a real blockbuster with the audience and it’s nice to see all the reels made with the song too!”

Priyaank Sharma of Dhamaka Records said: “We really wanted to do something unique and out-of-the-box for the public to experience a visual treat. We wanted the atmosphere of a party in a truck and we succeeded!”

“We had a great time recording the whole song. It was a job shooting a truck, but we did it and it’s really nice to receive so much love and praise for the song,” said Paras. Mehta from Dhamaka Records.

‘Blockbuster’ was released on September 23 and was produced by Dhamaka Records. The song is sung by Ammy Virk and Asees Kaur.

Sonakshi is currently in the news due to her rumored relationship with Zaheer. Recently, Sonakshi’s close friend and actor Varun Sharma posted a photo of the actress with Zaheer.

The image showed the two smiling. “Oyeeee hoyeeee isey kehte hai blockbuster jodi,” Varun wrote in the post, hinting that Sonakshi is dating Zaheer.

Sonakshi and Zaheer will also be seen together in a movie titled ‘Double XL’.

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