The role of the Pakistan-based network emerges in the seizure of 200 kg of heroin on the high seas

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Among the string of high-profile drug seizures by security forces in India, the Indian navy’s recent seizure of 200kg of ‘high-quality heroin’ stands out for its distinctive link to Pakistanbased networks.

The large-scale drug bust has its origins in a Pakistani drug syndicate operating in the Afghanistan-Pakistan region.

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Indian intelligence services have been closely monitoring the activities of the Pakistan-based transnational drug trafficking syndicate ‘Haji Sali’, the drug syndicate ‘Haji Sali’. According to sources, intelligence agencies had received input from an Iranian ship commissioned by the Pakistani network in the Indian Ocean in September 2022.

Based on the clues, the Indian Navy intercepted the Iranian ship on September 29 about 500 nautical miles southwest of Male, the capital of the Maldives, and recovered 200 kg of “high-quality” heroin. Six Iranian crew members were also arrested near the bust.

The seizure was the culmination of closely monitoring the Iranian ship and sharing intelligence in a timely manner with the Indian Navy, who intercepted the boat as it was en route to retrieve the drug shipment.

This recent seizure is another example of an increase in cross-border drug smuggling by Pakistani drug syndicates. On October 8, Gujarat Anti-Terrorism Squad and Indian Coast Guard seized heroin worth 350 crore from a Pakistani boat off the coast of Gujarat.

“It was determined that a major drug lord in Pakistan, Mohammad Kadar, had sent the shipment here. The transaction would take place on the high seas,” said Gujarat DGP Ashish Bhatia.

According to security sources, a total of 1,335 kg of heroin was seized in 2022 during joint operations by the Indian and Sri Lankan authorities in seven successful counter-narcotics operations on the high seas.

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