Tips & Tricks: Follow THIS Formula To Get Strong Profits In Mutual Funds

New Delhi: Investing is a lifelong affair and one must come up with an efficient plan for investing. The number of people investing in the stock market in India is increasing day by day. People want to make maximum profit with less risk. In such a situation, investors also look for other investment options, apart from stocks, where the risk is very low, but the profit is much higher.

Mutual funds are a better option for such people. If you are also looking for this type of investment, here is a trick that will help you make strong profits. (Read also:

beta trick

According to the experts, when investing in mutual funds, be sure to pay attention to the beta. Suppose two funds achieved the same return of 12 percent, did both take the same risk? The answer is no. Now if you want to know who took what risk, you need to run a beta check. If the beta is more than 1, the fund is volatile and has taken a lot of risk.

Whereas if the beta is less than 1, the risk is low. If Fund 1 has a beta of 1.4 and Fund B has a beta of 0.7, then Fund B is better because it has given you higher returns in the market with less risk.

How to check?

Here’s the step-by-step guide to checking the beta of each mutual fund in your portfolio:

– Go to a mutual fund and click on it.

– Click on the hold option.

– Click Holding Analysis.

– Now the beta interface will open in your system.

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