‘Tribal community would not forget the insult, would teach a lesson to Congress’: PM Modi in Gujarat

vyara: Prime Minister Narendra Modi accused the congress on Thursday of ridiculing tribal traditions and culture, adding that community members would not forget the “insult” and that they would “learn a lesson” to the party. At a meeting after the inauguration and laying of the foundation stones for various projects in Vyara in the tribal-dominated Tapi district of Gujarat, he also claimed that the previous Congress governments have never taken steps to address the plight of the tribes. because they only focused on winning elections. He said the well-being of tribes by providing them with electricity and gas connections, road links and schools for the community’s children, among other things, was his government’s top priority.

Since Wednesday, Modi has made a two-day visit to Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-ruled Gujarat, his home state, where parliamentary elections will take place at the end of December. He said the country currently has a tribal daughter as president in Droupadi Murmu and a tribal son Mangubhai Patel as governor of Madhya Pradesh. “You have seen previous governments. Compare the congressional governments of the past with the current BJP-led governments in several states. Congressional governments never thought about your future and they would only work to win elections. Before the polls, they made false promises, but after elections they would forget them,” he said.

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On the other hand, the BJP government has given top priority to development of the country’s tribal community, he claimed. “I tell you that your ancestors had many difficulties, but because of our work, you now have fewer difficulties. Now we want to make sure that your children do not face such difficulties in the future,” he said during his speech. to the tribes. “Congress even joked about tribal customs and traditions. If I wore a tribal pagdi (headgear) or coat at any function, they laughed at me. I want to tell the congress party that the tribal people will not forget the insult to their customs and traditions and they will teach you a lesson,” Modi said.

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