UK minister hints at immigration policy change: what it means for Indians, students

UK’s The government of Liz Truss hopes to keep its 2019 election promise to reduce the number of net migrants in the country, new Home Secretary, of Indian descent, Suella Braverman said in an interview with The Sun on Sunday.

Suella Braverman stated that Britain has a high number of low-skilled migrants and a large number of international students, adding that the students were more likely to bring dependents to the UK, hampering the country’s growth.

“We have too many low-skilled workers entering this country. We also have a very large number of students entering this country and we have a very large number of dependents,” the interior minister said.

“Those people come here, they don’t necessarily work or they have low-skilled jobs, and they don’t contribute to the growth of our economy,” Suella Braverman added that the UK government will reduce migration and review immigration policy.

According to the UK National Statistics Office, net migration to the UK was 239,000 in the year ending June 2021. As the number of European Union workers in the UK declines after Brexit, there has been an increase in the number of non-EU workers , especially from India. Therefore, a reduction in net migration in the UK could affect Indian immigrants and students wishing to study in the UK.

Earlier this week, Guardian reported that Liz Truss could change immigration rules to address the country’s serious labor shortage — not in tandem with Suella Braverman’s comments.

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