Unique baby boy and girl names hidden in Hanuman Chalisa – see full list and select a name for your child

Names Of Baby Boys And Girls: Choosing the right name for your child is very important as the child carries the identity that goes with the name all his life, until the end of his life. According to astrology, the effect of one’s name can be felt in one’s life. A person has qualities and personality according to their name, and so a lot of thought goes into naming a child. Hanuman Chalisa is very sacred in Hinduism and it is believed that reciting Hanuman Chalisa, especially on Tuesdays, can help keep trouble at bay. But did you know there are different names mentioned in Hanuman Chalisa which can be ideal for your baby boy or girl? Let’s take a look at the list:

Saroj – This means lotus; it’s a unisex name

Manu – A boy’s name, it stands for a wise person, ruler of the earth

Raghuvar – Lord Hanuman; beloved of Lord Rama

bimal – Bimal means pure, white

Pawan – Pawan means wind, someone as brave as air

Hanuman – The name represents someone of pride, honor and selflessness

sagar – It means the ocean – it implies a strong mind, a born leader

RAM – Ram is the seventh incarnation of the god Vishnu according to Hinduism, the name stands for one who is supreme

Anjanic – Lord Hanuman’s mother; it also means Maya (illusion)

mahabir – Someone who is brave and courageous

Bikram – Bikram means courage, strength

Shankar – The name stands for favorable. This is the name of Lord Shiva who is considered beneficent, one who bestows bliss

Kesaric – Kesari means saffron or (as brave as) lion; it’s usually a girl’s name

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In addition to the names above, you can also choose a name for your child from here:

Tejo (means light, shiny), Prabh (master or the prince), lakhan (distinguished and achiever like Lord Rama’s brother), Sita (goddess of the land), Bhima (someone who is formidable), Ramchandra (Mr Rama), Nidhic (brilliant), Siddhi (achievement, perfection).

Among one of the sacraments in Hinduism, the naming ceremony is one. This shows the importance of choosing the right name for a child.

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