Vastu tips: DO NOT keep broken mirrors, crockery – This is how you get rid of Vastu dosh in your house

Vastu Dosh in homes: Home is where the heart is and in fact the heart is where our home is! This is a place where we spend the integral moments of our lives with our family. This is literally our sanctum sanctorum, where we take refuge and refresh our souls at the end of a tiring day. Sometimes a Vastu dosha in our house can affect our life and happiness so it is very important to get rid of it. “One of the most essential motives of Vastu is to maintain a good energy balance so that you can get the positive atmosphere, success, happiness, health and prosperity in your home,” said Gurudev Shrie Kashyap, Chairman/ founder of the All India Institute. of occult science. Shrie Kashyap gives the following tips to remove Vastu dosh.

Tips to remove Vastu Dosh:

Broken mirror/crockery: Get broken mirrors and broken crockery out of your home right away, as it brings negativity and negative energy into your home. It also creates an unpleasant environment in your home.

Use rock salt: When cleaning your house, use rock salt – this will help prevent diseases and reduce the impact of negative energy.

Use Loban Dhoop: One of the strongest and most powerful dhoop (incense sticks) to remove negative energy and clear your place is loban dhoop. It is best to clear the negativity from your mind and help you focus and focus on your work. The smell of loban dhoop calms you down.

Get rid of the waste of your home on Amavasya: Amavasya is one of the most effective days to clean your house, cleaning your house on Amavasya definitely helps you to get the immense blessings of Goddess Lakshmi. Also use rock salt when mopping the floor, it will help to remove the negative energy from your home.

Light your lamp/diya with ghee: Lighting the lamp/diya helps to bring positive energy into your home and also reduces the impact of negative energy from your home.

Solve water leakage: Water leakage is equated with the leakage of money and indicates a financial loss. If water leaks into the bathroom, kitchen, or any other part of your home, it can lead to serious financial losses and drain money into your life. You are advised to have your water taps repaired immediately.

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