Video shows US cop shoots teen eating hamburger in car, fired

A Texas cop was fired after a video surfaced of him shooting indiscriminately at a teenager eating a hamburger in his car.

A video posted online shows a San Antonio cop shooting repeatedly at the boy who had been in his car and had eaten a hamburger. After the officer opens the door of the parked vehicle, he asks the boy to get out. When the teen asks “why”, the cop tries to grab him. Within seconds, the cop starts firing relentlessly. “Shot” – the cop repeats as the boy closes the door of his car and drives off. The video was tweeted by social media influencer and health advocate Kendall Brown. Hindustan Times could not independently verify the authenticity of the video.

The officer is James Brennand and he was fired after the incident that took place on Oct. 2, according to a report from the AP news agency.

The incident took place in the parking lot of a fast-food restaurant, police chief Alyssa Campos said.

Erik Cantu, 17, who was hit by the gunfire, suffered injuries. He was found by police after he and another passenger – who was unharmed – stopped nearby after they fled.

Initially charged with evasion from the police and aggravated assault, Cantu is now recovering in a hospital; his condition would be stable.

Police said Brennand had responded to an unrelated malfunction at the fast food restaurant when he saw Cantu sitting in the car, which had evaded him the day before.

A Texas state attorney said Friday there was not enough evidence to charge the teen.

“While the shooting of an unarmed teenager by a then-San Antonio police officer on Sunday is still under investigation, the facts and evidence we have received so far have led us to dismiss the charges against Erik Cantu for further investigation,” he said. said Joe Gonzales, district attorney for Bexar County. .

Brennand, who had been on duty for less than a year, violated his training and police procedures after approaching the car, Campos said.

“The officer abruptly opened the driver’s door and ordered the driver to get out of the car” before the backup officers that Brennand had requested arrived, Campos said.

“I can’t say anything in defense of that officer’s actions that night,” Police Chief William McManus told state-run WOAI-TV.

“I think there was some contact initially, but that didn’t justify the shooting.”

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