WhatsApp Update: Now group admin can add THIS many members to the group, check the details here

New Delhi: WhatsApp has brought huge updates to its users as people are tech savvy these days. Group creators will benefit from this update through the instant messaging platform. WhatsApp has again increased the number of members added to a group. Until now, users had the option to add 512 people to a group, but now the number has grown even more.

You can now add 1024 people to a group. Let us know the details regarding the update.

According to a report by WABetainfo, in both WhatsApp beta for Android and iOS, the number of users being added to the group has now increased from 512 to 1024. A screenshot of this feature has also been shared in the report, where it can be seen that WhatsApp allows the user to add 1024 people to a group.

Whatsapp has been waiting for many new features for a long time. It includes features such as poll, avatar, edit and update the voting status. Talking about the avatar feature, under this feature, users can create their avatar and not only send stickers to friends, but also put their avatar on the profile picture.

It was recently reported that WhatsApp will soon introduce an in-app survey feature, where users will have the chance to participate in the survey via the official WhatsApp account.

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