‘Why wasn’t Jayalalithaa taken abroad, despite…’: SHOCKING FINDINGS by Arumugasamy panel against VK Sasikala, Dr. Reddy, others

The key findings of the report submitted by a panel investigating the death of the former chief minister of Tamil Nadu, Jayalalithaa, has sent shockwaves across the Dravidian state. The investigative report – prepared by former Madras High Court Judge A Arumugasamy – has found Jayalalithaa’s top aide VK Sasikala guilty of misconduct. The panel report also mentions former Health Minister C Vijayabaskar, then Health Minister J Radhakrishnan and KS Sivakumar, a relative of Sasikala. The panel also recommended an investigation against then-chief secretary Rama Mohana Rao and others, including doctors.

Here are the key questions raised by an Arumugasamy panel against Sasikala and others:

1. ‘Why no foreign treatment?’: The report questions why the former Chief Minister was not taken abroad for treatment even after Dr. Richard Beale was willing to take Jayalalithaa abroad.

2. Why not an angioplasty? The report also said that even after leading doctors from the UK and US, who reached Apollo Hospital at the invitation of the state government, suggested angioplasty, it was not performed.

3. ‘Throwed it through the wind, to reach their goal’: The report said: “They (hospital) successfully threw it to the wind on the pretense of delaying it to achieve their goal under some pressure. Therefore, investigations should be ordered.”

4. Delay in declaration of death J Jayalalitha: The Commission strongly criticized the official declaration of the death of the former prime minister. The Commission said: “As of 3:50 p.m. on December 4, CPR and sternotomy exercises have been futile and have been used as a ploy to explain away the delay in the official explanation of her death.”

5. dr. Reddy lied about Jayalalithaa’s hospital discharge: The committee has criticized Apollo Hospital chairman Dr Pratap C Reddy for lying about Jayalalithaa’s health. “While Dr. Reddy is a person bound and authorized to state true facts, with his full knowledge that it was not true, he held a press conference with a false statement that the late Chief Minister could be fired at any time. Dr. Reddy has issued briefings often in his room without revealing the real fact regarding the heart disease and the treatment to be given to the late Prime Minister. It is up to the government to decide and investigate the matter,” he added. the Commission to it.

6. ‘O Panneerselvam Knew All’: The Commission stated: “O Panneerselvam was all along an insider and formally part of the inner circle and whatever happened was within his knowledge even during the late Chief Minister’s lifetime. He passed into the CM’s office without any Losing time as if he were in a statement of readiness to fit in. He positioned himself as the successor to the late Chief Minister, which is no coincidence.”

Going further, the Commission said in its report: “The Commission, given the above aspects, should come to no other conclusion than to sue R1 (UK Sasikala)”.

The Commission further said: “From all these aspects, the Commission concludes that R.1- VK Sasikala, CW. 17- KS Sivakumar, CW1366- Dr. J. Radhakrishnan, then Minister of Health and CW146-A Dr. C. Vijyabhaskar, the then health minister should be criticized and an investigation launched.”


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